Foster Family and Adoption Services

Every day foster families make an incredible difference by providing safe and caring temporary homes for children and youth. Eggleston’s foster care and adoption services are provided through its state licensed foster family and adoption agency, doing business as Eggleston Family Services (EFS). Services include recruitment and training of prospective foster parents to care for children and youth until they can safely return to their biological family. Highly qualified foster parents receive ongoing and responsive support while caring for children placed under their care. EFS strive to meet the needs of the children and youth and those individuals who embrace and care for them within their homes. 

Adoption Services

The ultimate goal is to for each child to have a permanent home.  Eggleston works collaboratively with placing agencies towards a permanent plan in the least restrictive setting. Adoption through the FFA is in continued partnership with DCFS in providing concurrent planning services.  The first preference is for each child to remain within a birth or extended family home. When this is not possible, we seek permanent homes, either adoption or legal guardianship.  Services include recruitment/training of resource families, foster/adoption home studies, and post adoption mental health services, referrals, ongoing involvement with families through agency activities. 

Every child needs adult guidance and deserves a family to count on for a lifetime. By providing adoption services, Eggleston Family Services helps to assure our foster youth have a secure family for life.

I have lived in foster homes since I was 8 years old, the only wish I ever had was to have a family.  I am now 15 years old, and I hope to stay with my foster parents until I am eighteen.  I worry all the time that something will change and I will be moved to another foster home. I am someone who has no real future.  I am trying to make it in school, but it is hard and sometimes I feel I cannot take another day and just want to run away.  There are many people around me who say they care about me and my future.  I want to trust them, but it is hard to believe anyone really cares for me.
              -Jonathan R.

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