Family Preservation Services
The Family Preservation Program provides intensive in-home and 24-hour crisis intervention services to youth on probation and their families who are experiencing problems that may be contributing to the youth’s unlawful or at-risk behavior. Families receiving family preservation services are seen in their homes at least once or twice weekly by an In-Home Counselor, and they have 24-hour accessibility to a therapist for emergencies. Family Preservation utilizes counseling, skills-based treatment (parenting, social skills, anger management, conflict resolution, problem solving, and daily living skills), and resource coordination as intervention strategies, based on a plan developed in concert with each family. The Family Preservation Program strives to reduce the recidivism rate of the youth who have been adjudicated through the juvenile system. 

Therapeutic Day Treatment Services
The Therapeutic Day Treatment program provides services to youth who, through their behaviors, are at risk of being removed from their home and placed in foster care or admitted to an out-of-home residential program.  The program is a structured educational program aimed at youth ages 13 to 18. Each morning the staff from EYC gives the youth a wake-up call and transports them to one of the school campuses. EYC offers the youth an opportunity to attend a fully accredited school through the Los Angeles County Division of Juvenile Court Schools. The schools are specifically designed to meet each student’s individual needs. Our academic program has one main goal - to prepare our students to be successful in learning. EYC places a high value on educational success and provides each youth with counseling, tutoring and leadership activities,and many other resources that remedy the factor that put them at risk.

Eggleston operates one school site, Eggleston Academy, located in Pomona, Ca.  The program employs experienced teachers and staff trained to meet the academic and emotional needs of the youth served.  The benefits of this program are multifaceted, students have the opportunity to excel in school, but also address their social and family problems.

Eggleston Family Preservation and Day Treatment program is supported by a number of contracting organization throughout Los Angeles County.