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Founded in 1974 by the Grace, John and Michael Graham Foundation, Eggleston Youth Homes and Foster Family Agency is celebrating forty years of providing quality, comprehensive and compassionate treatment services to foster youth who have been the victims of child abuse and neglect.

Over the four preceding decades, Eggleston has become a special place dedicated to providing opportunities for foster youth to succeed and mature into emotionally well adjusted and productive adults. Our core values are to respect, value and believe in the dignity of our youth.

From its humble beginnings of providing care for six foster youth placed by the Department of Children and Family Services, Eggleston has expanded its services through managed growth to include five program areas: Residential Treatment, Foster Care/Adoption, Family Preservation and Day Treatment, Substance Abuse Education and Treatment and Mental Health. Eggleston has also grown from a staff of six employees to over 100.

Recognized as a leading social service agency, Eggleston’s mental health programs utilizes evidenced based treatment modalities. The paradigm for the delivery of services consist of an interdisciplinary team including a board certified psychiatrist, licensed clinical psychologist, licensed mental health therapists, social workers and case managers.  To ensure a continuum of treatment, Eggleston’s mental health team provides after care to youth discharged from our foster or treatment homes.

All of Eggleston’s treatment homes employ experienced, well trained and caring staff. Each home has student lounges, internet and cable televisions, modern kitchens and bathrooms, laundry rooms, computer labs and recreational equipment. When traumatized youth arrive at Eggleston, we want them to experience an environment that is friendly, inviting, cheerful and safe. Our award winning art program provides youth with opportunities to express their creativity and serves as a catharsis.

On a personal note, during the last forty years I have had the privilege of serving the children of Eggleston, it has been the most enjoyable and rewarding years of my career.

To help continue this important mission, I need your help. On behalf of the beautiful and loving children that Eggleston serves, I encourage you to open your heart by becoming a foster parent, adoptive parent or mentor. Eggleston is also in need of donated funds to support our children’s’ campaign. One hundred percent of all donated funds will be used to pay for foster youth extracurricular activities such as dance and music lessons, cheerleader outfits, athletic uniforms and equipment, toys, birthday celebrations, computers, summer camp, tickets to plays and concerts and amusement parks.

In closing, I wish to share why I need you to become a supporter and member of the Eggleston community. Every Christmas, Eggleston hosts an annual party for our foster children. Santa Claus is always present to take pictures with the children and give out toys. Each year as I observe the children approach Santa to receive their gift, I know one or more of the children in attendance will always ask Santa to give them a family for Christmas. When many of Eggleston children make a special wish, it is to have a mommy and daddy. Will you grant a child’s wish by becoming an adoptive or foster parent? 

Warm regards,

Clarence Brown, MBA
Executive Director

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